LGBTQ Friendly Makeup Seminar


I hosted an LGBTQ Friendly Makeup Seminar in March in Tokyo.
Many people from the LGBTQ community participated and around 30 people came. I also had three participants from Barcelona too 😀 they are my friends and I am so happy that my friends are seeing my work.

In any time of my work, policy is NOT to use words such as “Masculine” or “Feminine.” Because these terms are based on prejudice and never really accurate. There are strong female and fragile men too.
So, instead, I use words such as elegant, sophisticated, delicate, or beautiful. Also strong, rough, wild or powerful to express the impressions of makeup.
As a member of LGBTQ+ community, I feel that I am never be able to categorized just by either feminine or masculine. I hope that more and more people will appreciate the beauty of gender fluidity.

During the class, I talked about full coverage foundation for rougher skin, beard cover, how to take advantage of eye illusion using makeup techniques and more. I received comments such as “Today I noticed that my makeup that I used to do was wrong,” “I feel very hopeful that I can look so beautiful.” and I am so happy to see the smiles on the participants. I hope to help and contribute to people using my experience and techniques in makeup artistry.

I would like to thank my dear friends who supported me to make this event possible.IMG_9210