LGBTQ – Coming Out Day


Happy Coming Out Day! I am extremely happy that many people are respecting and valuing existence of LGBTQ members in the world. I participated in a Coming out Day video by Kazue chan in Japan. Here is a link to the video, and I will answer what I mean by Gender-gifted.

“I identify myself as Gender-gifted.”
What do I mean by that? My body is physically male, yet my mind is neither male or female.
I would like to consider my gender as a gift because I can be both male and female in many ways. I feel that I have qualities that can be commonly associated with each gender.

People often categorize LGBTQ people into a word, such as Gay, Lesbian and Transgender for example. I was always unsure and unresolved with these categories.
Sometimes I feel like I am a princess who like prettiness and dreams, and sometimes I am a warrior who is ready to fight and concur. I think I am very considerate, delicate and emotional, and I am wild, courageous and rough.

I grew up as a male, so I must think and act as a male. I wouldn’t have to be so careful walking streets at night. Yet my heart felt feminine, when people told me to man up, I didn’t feel like a man. I was happy to be called “her” at times. On the otherhand, when somebody called me mademoiselle in Belgium, I felt misunderstood, so as when people called me madam on the phone. I felt like “I am a man!”

Therefore I came to a conclusion that I cannot be categorized myself as MtX, transgendered, nor gay. Nor am I questioning because I know who I am, and I am simply Kodo.I have a friend who is able to love men, women and transgendered women. What category does she fall into then? Yet to say, some people feel very comfortable and fit into a category without problems. I don’t.

Again, I have said that I feel like both or neither gender, but this can be said to many people. Men can be gentile and fragile, and women is a leader and a fighter. I am not the only gender-gifted person.

Free yourself, I would like people to question and be even more confident to be unique.
Much love and thank you!